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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Known bugs in version 11

  2. The pen is not detected.

  3. My anti-virus program says that there is a virus in the installer.

  4. I want a bigger pencil or pointer icon.

  5. I want to toggle the highlight on/off using a tablet button.

  6. PenAttention crashes when attempting to run

  7. PenAttention installs but the cursor doesn't follow my pen

  8. The highlight lags behind my pen or mouse

  9. Lots of flickering/flashing using PowerPoint in full screen

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After running the program (by default, it is added to your startup folder so it will start automatically upon bootup), a new icon will be placed in the system tray. Click or right-click the icon to bring up a menu to select whether to display a highlight around the pen tip or draw a pencil or a pointer.

De-select all options or exit the program to revert to usual pen behavior without any special icon.

The "Highlight Settings" menu option allows you to control the color, opacity, shape, and size of the highlighted area. You can also select a checkbox to enable highlighting for the mouse in addition to the pen. If you enable the "Toggle Color on Right Click" option then right-clicking the mouse or pen will cycle through three sets of highlight colors. You can also select between CTRL-F9 or CTRL-ALT-F9 as hotkeys to enable or disable the highlight. If you have a tablet PC, you might want to map the hotkey to a hardware button in the control panel.

If you would like to make a custom pencil/pen icon, then use a paint program and create a PNG image named "CustomPen.png" and put it in the PenAttention install folder. Normally, the install folder will be somewhere in your "Program Files" folder. The upper left corner of the image will map to the location of the pen or mouse. Make sure to include a transparent color if you want the background to show through. The installation includes a demo image named "RenameToCustomPen.png" that you can experiment with as a starting point. You will have to exit and restart PenAttention before any changes to this file will be visible in the program.

Email any questions or comments to Kenrick Mock: kenrick@acm.org