CSA 109- Spring 2006


Course Syllabus

Calendar and Lecture Notes

Virtual Office Hours via ICQ: #21291820,
          AOL IM: kenrickmo, or MSN Messenger
          search for kenrickmo@hotmail.com

Course Grades
          Final grades are available via virtuaGrades. Login with your UAA email username/password (e.g. asxyz1 - use your student, not staff account, if you have an anxyz account).

Lab Assignments
       Lab #1
       Lab #2
       Lab #3
       Lab #4
       Lab #5
       Lab #6

We will conduct class using Elluminate Live! available on Blackboard. You can access it from a computer in class or from home if you have a high-speed connection. You can also replay stored recordings of lectures via streaming video.

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Homework Assignments
       Homework #1
       Homework #2
       Homework #3
       Homework #4
       Homework #5

Homework Solutions

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       MSDN Academic Alliance Program
       Book publisher's website
       Python website

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