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Homework Solutions


Installing Java on your own computer
       From Oracle's Java Developer Page download any of the JDK's. Use just the JDK for the smallest install, or JDK + NetBeans if you want NetBeans.
       If you want to use TextPad download it from http://www.textpad.com/. Install Java's JDK before installing TextPad.
       If you have a Mac then Apple supplies their own version. TextPad will not run. You can run NetBeans or other IDE's. See http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/java_mac.xml

Other Links
       Java Code Samples
       Oracle's Java Page
       NetBeans Java IDE
       PuTTY, A free Win32 Telnet/SSH client
       TTSSH, A free extension to TeraTerm
       WinSCP, Secure CoPy to transfer files to unix (replaces FTP)

Kenrick Mock