CS395 - Internship in Computer Science
3 credits, pass/no pass grade
Requires Junior Standing with minimum of 15 credits in CS courses and faculty permission

5/20/2001 - Kenrick Mock

The following is a description of what is required to complete an internship in Computer Science for CS395. 


CS395 is an internship in Computer Science.  To enroll, it is your responsibility to first find a job that exercises professional work experience using computer science skills.  Typically the job is a summer internship or a 6 month co-op, but it might also be a full time or a part time job.  Enrollment will be permitted only after a description of the work and a plan for the completion of the project is submitted to and approved by the instructor.   Work that is not related to computer science topics will not be approved!  This generally includes jobs such as technician support for setting up or repairing PC's.  If you are not sure if your job qualifies for the internship credit, talk to your instructor.   Typical internship projects include the analysis, design, coding, testing, or documentation of a computer science project of moderate complexity under the supervision of a qualified professional who has agreed in advance to undertake the role.   The project supervisor may be a supervisor at the internship location or an advisor at the university.  If the project requires multiple semesters to complete, students should only enroll in this course during the semester the project is completed.  A written report and oral presentation to the faculty is required upon completion.   The final report should also include a letter of evaluation from the supervisor.

Internship Process

To recap, here is the process and deliverables:

  1. Find employment for the internship
  2. Talk to your instructor to see if the job qualifies for the internship
  3. Submit to your instructor a short (1-2 pages) description of your intended work plan
  4. Do the internship, documenting your work as you progress.
  5. Upon completion:
    1. Turn in a final project report (see guidelines below).
    2. Get a letter from your supervisor that evaluates your job performance
    3. Schedule and deliver a 15 minute presentation of your work.  Typically this is given in powerpoint format but you are free to choose whatever medium you prefer.  Faculty members and other students may attend.
  6. Your instructor will assign a letter grade.

 Final Project Report

Your final project report should include the following topics (where appropriate) and typically varies from 6-10 pages, not including code:

  1. Overview of the company
  2. Overview of your project
  3. Planning process for your project
  4. Detailed analysis and design of your solution, including any architectural or block diagrams
  5. Description of your implementation
  6. User's manual or screenshots of product
  7. Analysis or discussion of completed project
  8. Conclusions and lessons learned from the internship process, what might make it better
  9. Code listing
  10. Supervisor's letter of evaluation

Include diagrams, figures, screen dumps, or other materials where appropriate.  Be sure to check with your employer first regarding any potential legal issues regarding the intellectual property.