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10 iOS 8.4.1 Release Date Tips

5 hours 44 min ago

10 iOS 8.4.1 Release Date Tips is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

With the release of a second beta, the iOS 8.4.1 release date is getting closer for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A release could come at any time which means that iOS 8 users need to be prepared. Today, ahead of the update’s arrival, we want to offer some tips that will help you on the iOS 8.4.1 release day.

On June 30th, Apple released its highly anticipated iOS 8.4 update. The update delivered the company’s new Music platform and it also brought enhancements to iBooks and bug fixes for lingering iOS 8 problems. Many people thought that the update would be the last one before the arrival iOS 9 but we now know that that won’t be the case.

Last month, Apple confirmed another iOS 8 update dubbed iOS 8.4.1. The company didn’t confirm it with an announcement or a red carpet. Instead, it confirmed the release with an iOS 8.4.1 beta release for developers. The beta release didn’t come with an official release date attached.

The iOS 8.4.1 release date is unknown and it could come at any time. We don’t expect Apple to make an iOS 8.4.1 release announcement before its arrival which means that you iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners need to be on your toes.

With a release imminent, now is a great time to start preparing for Apple’s next and perhaps final iOS 8 upgrade. We’ve already taken a look at a few things you should do before the iOS 8.4.1 release date and today we want to tell you about a few things you should do on the iOS 8.4.1 release date itself.

iOS 8.4.1 isn’t a big update but it could have a big impact the performance of your phone or tablet. The more prepared you are the better. Here are a few iOS 8.4.1 release date tips to keep in mind as we move into August towards Apple’s next iOS 8 update.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } You Can Test Out iOS 8.4.11 / 10

You might not know this but you can test out the iOS 8.4.1 update and drop back down to iOS 8.4 thanks to a loophole that Apple typically leaves open for a week or two. 

Thanks to the downgrade process, iOS 8.4 users can download the iOS 8.4.1 update, try it for a few days, and then move back to iOS 8.4 if there is a noticeable drop in performance. It's a move that we've made several times on both iPhone and iPad.

Look into the downgrade process now or on the iOS 8.4.1 release date. Remember, you'll only have a limited time to drop down so you'll want to get familiar with the process before the update comes out or on the iOS 8.4.1 release date itself. 

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10 iOS 8.4.1 Release Date Tips is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


Moto G 2015: 5 Things You Need to Know

6 hours 51 min ago

Moto G 2015: 5 Things You Need to Know is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

Now that the all-new Moto G 3rd Gen for 2015 is finally available and starting to sell out, buyers are likely considering it as their next smartphone. It has many important upgrades that make it one of the better phones under $200. Here we want to go over five things buyers need to know, including where to buy it, now that it’s starting to sell out already.

In late July the newest Moto G was finally announced and released after months of rumor and speculation. This is the 3rd Moto G from the smartphone manufacturer, and arguably its best budget smartphone yet.

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This year Motorola improved the device in all areas, most notably the camera and battery life, added multiple impressive new features, and it runs the latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop all for the same stunning low $179 price point as previous years. Read on for more details about the new Moto G.

With the original Moto G in 2013 Motorola had a real winner. A budget-friendly smartphone that offered more than anything else we’d seen for under $200, and it went on to be Motorola’s most successful smartphone ever released. A move many manufacturers have tried to copy. The 2015 Moto G that is better and faster than the first two, offers more customization, additional features, a great camera, water-resistant capabilities, and an overall better experience all with the same aggressive price.

We’ve been enjoying Motorola’s latest Moto G smartphone for the past week, and ahead of a full review sharing everything about this phone, we wanted to go over a few important details for prospective buyers. Check out our hands-on video below, then continue on for five things you should know, including where to buy one.

While flagship phones with huge displays and 8-core processors from Samsung and everyone else are exciting, not everyone needs or wants the latest and greatest, nor can everyone afford the $600-$800 price tag.

As a result Motorola has confused on the mid-range market, and that brings us the Moto G. Only this year it’s as premium as a smartphone can get, but still costs under $200. Motorola managed to add an aluminum frame to the design, made the device IPx7 water resistant, and gave it MotoMaker customization but kept the price at $179. It’s absolutely worth the price if you ask us, and here’s more details.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } Moto G Display1 / 5

One of my biggest concerns with the new Moto G was the 5-inch 720p HD display. In a world where most smartphones are 1080p, or even Quad-HD display's with a 2k resolution, is 720p enough?

The answer to that question, is yes. Yes the Moto G 2015 has a great screen. It might not be 1080p like some of the competition, but the 1280 x 720p HD screen still looks great, especially considering the price. Some games may not look as great as they could with a higher resolution display, but I've yet to run into any real problems. Websites look fine, YouTube and Netflix has no problems. It has been a good experience.

We were worried that with all the improvements this year to the phone, Motorola would skimp on the screen, and that didn't happen either. How they've managed to pack all of this into a device that stays at $179 is pretty impressive, and the screen certainly won't disappoint.

It's nothing amazing, but given the price it's more than enough for anyone considering the Moto G.

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Moto G 2015: 5 Things You Need to Know is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.


iPhone 6s vs. Samsung Galaxy S6: What We Know So Far

9 hours 4 min ago

iPhone 6s vs. Samsung Galaxy S6: What We Know So Far is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

July was a busy month for the rumored iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S6. With an iPhone 6s release reportedly getting closer, we want to take a look at some of the key things buyers need to know as we make our way into the month of August.

In February Samsung issued its response to the iPhone 6 and top flight Android devices with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The two flagships emerged at MWC 2015 with a ton of firepower and they received excellent reviews upon their release in April.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have been dueling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for several months now though it looks like they’re going to see increased competition from Apple and its iconic smartphone.

The iPhone 6s isn’t confirmed but thanks to an avalanche of leaks and rumors, it’s abundantly clear that Apple’s planning a 2015 iPhone release to replace last year’s models.

Last month we saw a series of iPhone 6s rumors outline potential specs and release date details. These details, and others, are going to be extremely important to those that are looking into a brand new smartphone in the days and weeks ahead.

We also saw a number of Galaxy S6 related details emerge in July. And with those and the iPhone 6s rumors in mind, we want to take a look at how these devices are comparing right now. This includes a look at specs but it also takes a look at some of the things that haven’t been in the spotlight.

Here’s what you need to know about the iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S6 as we move into August.

iPhone 6s Release Date

If you’re trying to decide between buying the Galaxy S6 or waiting for the iPhone 6s to arrive, know that you probably only have a few short weeks left before you’ll be able to compare the two.

Apple hasn’t out media invites so we don’t have a confirmed iPhone 6s launch date. What we do have though is Apple’s confirmed iOS 9 release date (fall), the end of Apple’s fiscal year (September 28th), and a recent announcement from T-Mobile. We also have several rumors that point to the start of iPhone 6s production.

Last month, we saw a number of rumors hint at the start of iPhone 6s production ahead of the device’s release date. Apple’s manufacturing partners are expected to pick up the pace in August, a sign that a release will probably come next month.

The iPhone 6s release date options are down to just a few days.

In late July, T-Mobile started offering a deal that allows consumers to buy the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus now and then switch to the new models before the end of the year. The program lasts until September 8th which means that there’s a very good chance the iPhone 6s release won’t come before then.

Apple typically releases its iPhones before the end of its fiscal year. The company’s fiscal year ends on September 28th which means that an iPhone 6s release is likely to take place before then. And with an iOS 9 release date confirmed for the fall (fall starts on September 23rd), it’s looking like Apple’s iPhone 6s release will be similar to last year’s iPhone 6 release.

Nothing is set in stone but all signs are pointing to September and prospective Galaxy S6/iPhone 6s buyers will want to prepare as though the iPhone 6s will be out before the end of next month.

iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S6 Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a flagship from 2015 and thus, it comes with some high-powered specifications including a Quad HD resolution display, excellent 16MP camera, and a Exynos 7 octa-core processor that helps deliver high-performance gaming, multitasking and more.

The iPhone 6s is a rumored flagship from 2015 and thus, it’s rumored to have some high-powered specifications including two Retina display sizes, a new 12MP camera in the rear, 5MP camera up front, and a new A9 processor that could come equipped with a Qualcomm chip that helps deliver faster LTE data.

Here’s a rundown of the specifications on board the Galaxy S6 and rumored iPhone 6s. Key differences include screen resolution, Force Touch display tech, and storage:

Galaxy S6
  • 5.1-inch Quad HD display – 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution at 577 PPI.
  • 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 Edge variant with curved display
  • 16MP rear camera / 5MP front-facing camera
  • Exynos 7420 octa-core processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB / 64GB / 128GB internal storage
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
iPhone 6s (Rumored)
  • 4.7-inch Retina Display (iPhone 6s)
  • 5.5-inch Retina Display (iPhone 6s Plus)
  • Force Touch displays
  • A9 processor with Qualcomm chip (faster LTE, improved battery)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 12MP rear camera/5MP FaceTime camera
  • 16/32GB / 64GB / 128GB storage
  • iOS 9

Most analysts believe that the Apple’s Force Touch display tech, the new processor and bump in RAM, and the improvements to the iPhone’s camera will be the three biggest changes on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Design Differences & Similarities

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge arrived with a brand new design language that offers a glass back and metal edges. It’s a premium form factor that clearly was inspired by what Apple’s done with the iPhone design over the years. Samsung’s change came with some tradeoffs though.

The Galaxy S6 design doesn’t feature a replaceable battery and it comes without a microSD card slot which means you’re stuck with the internal storage and the cloud. The Galaxy S6 does, however, come with a touch-based fingerprint sensor that’s far better than the sensors on the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5.

This year’s iPhone probably won’t be the iPhone 7 as it’s not expected to come with a full on redesign. Instead, the iPhone 6s is expected to retain a design that’s similar to the all-metal form factors of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

This also means that the iPhone 6s, like the Galaxy S6, probably won’t come with a removable battery or expandable storage. There’s also a very good chance it will feature the company’s well-known Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button.

What this means is that you can go into a store right now and get hands-on with the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus. Get acquainted with how they feel in your hand and in your pocket. If you do, you’ll likely have a pretty good idea about how the iPhone 6s design will compare to the Galaxy S6.

Changes to the Way You Buy

Now, for some other smaller but important details about the iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S6 matchup.

First, you’ll want to know that carriers are prepping for the fall with some changes to the way you’ll buy the iPhone 6s or Galaxy S6.

AT&T recently bumped the price of its activation fee on a two-year contract up to $45 and enacted a new AT&T Next upgrade fee of $15. Both of these affect the Galaxy S6 and any potential iPhones that Apple’s planning to launch later this year.

A trusted source recently told Gotta Be Mobile that the death of two-year contracts at Verizon is near. We’re told that Verizon’s switch from Verizon Edge to Device Payment plans is the precursor to the upcoming change. Our guess is that Verizon will do this before the iPhone 6s arrives. We haven’t been able to confirm that though.

Cheaper Galaxy S6

With new Galaxy phones and iPhones on the way, Samsung saw it fit to cut the price of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge which means that they’ll almost certainly be cheaper than the iPhone 6s in some places.

We still don’t have a confirmed iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus price but Apple’s stuck to a $199.99 starting price point for its flagship so we’re not expecting anything more or less than that at this point.

Look for more Galaxy S6 deals to emerge in August and September as carriers and retailers react to the various launches taking place this fall.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ are expected on August 13th.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 10 Phones You Shouldn’t Buy Right NowSamsung Galaxy Note 41 / 10

If you've been thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it's in your best interest to hold off. A Galaxy Note 4 successor, and a Galaxy Note 4 price drop, are on the way. 

Samsung hasn't confirmed anything yet but all signs point to a Galaxy Note 5 launch on August 12th or August 13th. The company has reportedly moved the Galaxy Note 5 launch up to put some room between it and Apple's iPhone launch. 

Galaxy Note 5 rumors point to numerous upgrades including a design change, a brand new S Pen, an improved processor, and more. On paper, it looks like it will be an exciting new chapter in the Galaxy Note's legacy. It'll only be a few days before we find out for sure. 

The Galaxy Note 5's arrival should signal the end of the Galaxy Note 4's reign as a $299.99 phone. It should drop to $199.99 or cheaper at most carriers. We should also see retailers undercut carriers as well. So, if you don't like the Galaxy Note 5, you can always buy the Galaxy Note 4 for much less than its current price. 

1 / 10

iPhone 6s vs. Samsung Galaxy S6: What We Know So Far is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


Explosive GTA Online Double Cash Finale Arrives

9 hours 24 min ago

Explosive GTA Online Double Cash Finale Arrives is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

This may very well be the last week players of GTA 5’s GTA Online multiplayer are able to level up faster and build stash of cash double what they normally would. Video game developer Rockstar is describing this week’s Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Double RP & Cash Payout as “the grand finale.”

Rockstar announced the Grand Theft Auto Online Heists and Double RP & Cash promotion in a post on its Rockstar Newswire blog earlier today. Rockstar has run some promotion like this for weeks, letting users quickly get to new levels and afford the latest in gear by playing through the multipart, multiplayer Heist missions that it added to the game earlier this year.

Only users participating in the Pacific Standard Job from today until August 9th get the double rewards. The Heist finale itself is a bank robbery job in downtown Los Santos. To get to the Pacific Standard Job Heist leaders will need to make it through of the Pacific Standard Job’s individual missions. That includes stealing supplies for the job like motorcycles, destroying a convey and getting someone out of the Los Santos Police Department’s custody.

Besides getting double cash and double RP for the missions themselves, Rockstar is gifting anyone and everyone double GTA Online cash and experience points for completing the levels Elite Challenges too. For example, anyone who manages to complete the actual bank robbery in less than 10:15 stands to earn even more cash.

In GTA Online RP and cash are key to each player’s standing. Called RP for short, reputation is what you earn in the game as you complete more missions and try new things. Rockstar links what you can do in GTA Online to your RP level. That’s why you want to earn as much of it as possible. For example, you don’t actually get to purchase a parachute or manage a crew of your very own until you’ve hit level 11 by completing other activities.

For those who need to get ready for the Heist, Rockstar is also double on the reputation players earn by completing a Deathmatch in third place and killing someone using a car. Missions that are completed without any loss of life are key too. Stunt jumps, Survival encounters and exporting cars through Simeon also include double RP.

To entice players to spend a bit of the GTA Online cash that they earn, Rockstar is offering deep discounts on gear that’s purchasable in the game’s stores and websites. We don’t yet know how steep the discounts are since Rockstar is asking users to follow it on Twitter, like it on Facebook and following on Instagram to hear about these sales.

What’ll happen after this week’s bonuses finale in GTA Online remains unclear. It seems unlikely that Rockstar would start over fresh next week. This could be the last chance gamers have over the summer to level as quickly as possible. There are some speculating that Rockstar is running these events to give users a chance at affording new content it plans on adding sometime soon. We’ll have to wait to see if that’s true or not, but it at least sounds plausible.

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All told, this final Grand Theft Auto Online double payout promotion is an excellent time to get back into the game. Playing now means spending less time earning items later. Even those who aren’t worried about the money should still take advantage: again, earning RP is the only way to unlock some features.

GTA Online comes free with every copy of GTA 5 sold for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Windows PCs.

Explosive GTA Online Double Cash Finale Arrives is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.


FIFA 16 Release: 9 Important Details

15 hours 1 min ago

FIFA 16 Release: 9 Important Details is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The FIFA 16 release date is on the way and as we prepare for the FIFA 16 release in September we want to take a look at the most important details about the new FIFA game.

EA Sports promises a new game with Women’s National Teams, smarter AI that can deliver more realism and other major upgrades to gameplay that could convince players to actually use the midfield as more than an obstacle to getting to the attack.

As we look at the FIFA 16 release we’ll cover the real FIFA 16 release date as well as other aspects about the release including midnight release events and other key information that gamers will want to know.

Here is everything gamers need to know about the FIFA 16 release.

If you worry that there is nothing new in FIFA 16, or you just want to know what to expect from a FIFA 16 demo and other key details you can check out what we know and what we expect from EA Sports this year.

FIFA 16 comes to the Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and to PC. There is no option for FIFA 16 on Wii U this year. While the game arrives on most consoles, don’t expect all the same features from the Xbox One or PS4 version to arrive on the older consoles where there is not as much power to push the AI driven features that promise to change the gameplay.

This year we see the first Women’s National Teams in a FIFA game and this year a woman shares the FIFA 16 cover. Alex Morgan of the U.S. Women’s National Team is on the cover with Lionel Messi in the U.S.

Here are the most important FIFA 16 release details that gamers need to know in the run up to the release.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } FIFA 16 Release: 9 Important DetailsFIFA 16 Release Date1 / 9

The FIFA 16 release date arrives September 22nd in the U.S. and a few days later on September 25th in the UK, Ireland and other countries. This short delay is common when for FIFA 16 games even though soccer commands more attention in other countries.

Once you get past these two FIFA 16 release dates there are no more coming, so the wait is minimal.

Gamers can buy FIFA 16 on disc or digital and with the digital version there will be an opportunity to download the game early to start playing as soon as 12:01 AM Eastern rolls around. In addition to PSN and Xbox Live, FIFA 16 is on sale on Origin.

We may see disc and digital sales officially start at 12:01 AM Eastern no matter the location, which could allow gamers on the west coast to start playing at 9:01PM on Monday September 21st.

1 / 9

FIFA 16 Release: 9 Important Details is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


6 New Xbox One & PS4 Games Coming in August 2015

15 hours 18 min ago

6 New Xbox One & PS4 Games Coming in August 2015 is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

There were some pretty slow weeks in gaming recently. We kicked off the summer with a few high-profile titles. Xbox One & PS4 games line-ups included Batman Arkham Knight back in June. Batman kept June from being too boring, but July was pretty quiet on the gaming front. What new games did arrive weren’t technically new. They were remastered, refreshed versions of games already available to users before.

The list of August, Wii U, Xbox One & PS4 games isn’t that extensive. With the slow summer months nearly behind us, we expect video game developers and publishers to begin detailing their titles in full ahead of the fall shopping season. August has an almost overwhelming number of remakes and rehashes, but there’s something new to experience too.

Madden 16 will lead the sports genre into a new year of releases. Microsoft’s Rare Replay and Gears of War Ultimate Edition will act as celebratory releases for some of the greatest franchises in gaming. PS4 games aren’t in abundance, but there is Until Dawn, an upgrade to the PS3 game that some users loved the first time around.

Here are the Wii U, Xbox One & PS4 games coming during the month of August in order of their release.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } Rare Replay for Xbox One - August 4th1 / 6

Debuting on August 4th is Rare Replay. As its name suggests, this game isn’t a new title for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. No, instead it’s a massive remake of classic games created by Rare, a studio Microsoft now owns. This year marks Rare’s 30th birthday as a studio.

Rare Replay, has titles going all the way back to 1983. Jetpac, Lunar Jetman, R.C. Pro-Am, Battletaods, Killer Instinct Gold, Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie are among the titles included in the compilation. In total there are 30 different titles included with the game for $30. In total there is 10,0000 in Gamerscore to be earned, though Xbox 360 achievements do carry over.

[ Purchase Rare Replay from the Xbox Store ]

1 / 6

Good luck choosing between these Xbox One and PS4 games coming during the month of August. Expect even more in September as we gear up for Destiny: The Taken King, Forza 6 and other big-name releases.

6 New Xbox One & PS4 Games Coming in August 2015 is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.


Why It’s a Great Time to Trade in Your Old iPhone

Sun, 08/02/2015 - 16:15

Why It’s a Great Time to Trade in Your Old iPhone is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

This is an excellent time to trade in your old iPhone for top dollar, even though you will upgrade to the iPhone 6 and not the iPhone 6s. Soon we will see the value of older iPhones drop dramatically as many owners start to sell their iPhone to upgrade to a new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

Although the new iPhone typically gets the most attention, this is also a time when a lot of users will upgrade to the iPhone 6, which should drop in price when a new iPhone arrives.

By trading in your old iPhone today you can get more cash and you can also pair this with iPhone 6 deals to save on a new iPhone without waiting for an iPhone 6s release date to push the price of the iPhone 6 down.

The iPhone 5 trade in value is up to $100 and the iPhone 5s is up to $170 from NextWorth, which makes an upgrade to the iPhone 6 more affordable. These values will change in the coming weeks, and NextWorth shares a look at what will likely happen to the trade-in values of the iPhone in the coming weeks.

As you can see in the chart above, the iPhone 6s release date will very likely push the value of your current iPhone down 10% by the time the iPhone 6s release date arrives and another 20% to 30% by the end of the year.

It is still too early to lock in the price of the iPhone trade in to pick up a new iPhone 6s on day one, but if you want to upgrade to an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can pair good trade-in values with deals to come out ahead.

Jeff Trachsel, NextWorth CMO, explains to Gotta Be Mobile why it makes sense to trade in now. 

“As the graphic depicts, iPhone residual values fall fastest in the months immediately before and after iPhone launches. For those looking for the best deal, selling now and upgrading to an iPhone 6 makes sense.

Retailers are starting to discount the iPhone 6 to make room for iPhone 6s inventory, and resale values for models like iPhone 5 and 5s have not yet started to decline significantly. Selling now can help defray the cost of new, and can even help fund a warranty program – negating the need to hold onto a backup phone.” 

Make sure you consider all the options as T-Mobile offers a trade-in deal of its own to get the iPhone 6 now and the iPhone 6s by the end of the year.

We expect the price of the iPhone 6 to drop $100 when the iPhone 6s release date arrives, but we are already seeing many retailers drop the price of the iPhone 6 to $99 on a two year contract.

Even though the iPhone 6 is almost a year old there are plenty of reasons to love this phone. Check out the slides below for our favorite iPhone 6 features. There are also exciting new iPhone 6 iOS 9 features coming.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 17 Reasons Why You’ll Love the iPhone 6iOS 9 & Longevity1 / 17

At WWDC 2015, Apple announced a brand new iOS update that will be heading to the iPhone 6 this fall. 

iOS 9 is Apple's new operating system and it will follow the iOS 8.4 update that just arrived for the iPhone 6 last week. iOS 9 is coming with a number of different features though our favorite is a real tangible battery life boost for the iPhone 6. 

Once the iOS 9 update rolls out to the iPhone 6, you'll not only gain access to new battery saving features but also a full extra hour of battery life. That's absolutely huge for a device that's approaching its one year anniversary. 

iOS 9 is going to be the first in a long line of iOS updates for the iPhone. Apple's rolling out iOS 9 to the iPhone 4s, its fourth major iOS update, and that could mean an additional year of software support for the iPhone 6. Apple's tendency is to offer three years before kicking a device to the curb.

This is big for two reasons. One, it means that you can safely invest in the iPhone 6 right now or three months from now when the iPhone 6s comes out. And two, it means that the iPhone 6's software support still makes Android software support look silly. Android phones are lucky to get 24 months of support from carriers.

1 / 17

Why It’s a Great Time to Trade in Your Old iPhone is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


iPhone 5s: 5 Things You Need to Know This Month

Sun, 08/02/2015 - 16:03

iPhone 5s: 5 Things You Need to Know This Month is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

Its been nearly two years since the release of the iPhone 5s and thanks to its hardware and Apple’s software support, the device is still kicking. July was a busy month for iOS and the iPhone 5s and today we want to take a look at a few things iPhone 5s buyers and owners need to know as we push onwards into the summer.

Two years ago, Apple launched the iPhone 5s with a handful of upgrades and its iOS 7 update. The device ushered in a new look to the iPhone’s features set and a new look for iOS. iOS 7 delivered a massive redesign on top of many new features.

Since then, Apple’s updated the iPhone 5s with a series of iOS updates including its iOS 8 operating system, the OS that rolled out alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September. The iPhone 5s is currently on iOS 8.4 but it’s set to receive two more updates in the immediate future.

With just weeks to go before the iPhone 5s celebrates two years of existence, we continue to see new and important details emerge for those with an interest in the iPhone 5s, its competitors and its software.

July was an extremely interesting month for the iPhone 5s and with that in mind, we want to take a look at some of the most important things iPhone 5s owners and buyers need to know as we push deeper into the month of August towards the release of Apple’s iOS 9 operating system.

iPhone 5s iOS 8.4.1 Update

The iPhone 5s iOS 9 release is just weeks away but it won’t be the next iOS update for Apple’s aging former flagship.

Instead, Apple will roll out an iOS 8.4.1 update, another version of iOS 8.4 that’s not expected to bring big changes to the iPhone 5s.

Apple first confirmed the iOS 8.4.1 release back in July with a release into the beta program for developers. Last week, iOS 8.4.1 beta 1 turned into iOS 8.4.1 beta 2, a sign that the company’s engineers and beta testers are making progress toward a public release.

We don’t have a firm iOS 8.4.1 release time or release date but we expect the company to push this out well before the iOS 9 update arrives this fall. We don’t expect Apple to confirm the update’s release date ahead of time which means that iPhone 5s users will want to be on the look out in August.

Developers have had a hard time tracking down changes in the iOS 8.4.1 beta which means that it will probably be a maintenance release. This means bug fixes and this means security enhancements. And it could mean a broken iOS 8.4 jailbreak. If your iPhone 5s is jailbroken, you’ll want to hold off when iOS 8.4.1 first arrives.

iPhone 5s iOS 9 Release

iOS 9 will probably follow directly after the iOS 8.4.1 update. We don’t have a specific date for the iOS 9 release either but we did see several new iOS 9 release details emerge in July thanks to the company’s beta and thanks to one of Apple’s carrier partners.

Apple’s iPhone 5s iOS 9 update will come with a number of exciting enhancements including a real battery boost to the device’s battery life. July’s iOS 9 betas also revealed several other features including new folders for Selfies and Screenshots, security enhancements, some small UI changes, and more. Apple probably isn’t done and we expect iOS 9 betas in August to reveal more about the iPhone 5s iOS 9 update.

The iOS 9 release is still on track for the fall and there’s a good chance that we’ll see it fall inside of the same window that we’ve mapped out for the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s Release Date

The iOS 9 release is expected to coincide with the release of Apple’s next iPhone or iPhones. Rumors point to the arrival of an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, two devices that iPhone 5s upgraders should have their eyes on as we move deeper into the summer.

Last week, T-Mobile started allowing its customers to buy a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus now and then switch to an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. The U.S. carrier’s deal lasts until September 8th which means that the iPhone 6s Plus release date probably won’t land on a date before that.

We expect Apple to get its new iPhone out before the end of its fiscal year. Its fiscal year ends September 28th. This is important to iPhone 5s users and buyers.

It’s important to iPhone 5s buyers because it means that we’re probably only a few weeks away from new iPhone models. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will probably outgun the iPhone 5s though the iPhone 5s should beat them on price.

It’s important to those that aren’t planning to ditch the iPhone 5s because it means that an iOS 9 release date is probably getting close. Apple always releases its new software alongside new hardware so we’re probably looking at an iPhone 5s iOS 9 release date in a little over a month.

iPhone 6 Deals

If you are planning to buy the iPhone 5s or ditch your iPhone 5s, you’ll be happy to know that your options are improving.

In July, we saw a number of excellent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus deals. Retailers aren’t immune to the iPhone 6s rumor mill and we should start to see the market become a little kinder to those unwilling to pay full price for an iPhone in Apple’s current lineup.

One of the best iPhone 6 deals comes from Best Buy. The retailer is offering $100 off the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on Sprint and Verizon. That means that the iPhone 6 is as cheap as the iPhone 5s at Apple. In other words, it’s a bargain.

Those that can wait might want to wait for the iPhone 6s release. We’re not sure how the iPhone lineup might look after Apple’s announcement but there’s a chance that the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s will see their prices cut on the Apple Store.

Changes to How You Buy the iPhone

And finally, it’s important to note that carriers are starting to change the way you buy an iPhone ahead of the iPhone 6s release.

In July, Verizon killed off its Edge payment plans in favor of new Device Payment plans. This is likely a precursor to the company killing off its two year contract option for new smartphones.

A source recently told Gotta Be Mobile that the death of two year contracts is imminent and we wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon gets rid of them before the iPhone 6s arrives.

This change comes after Apple changed the way you buy the AT&T version of the iPhone on the Apple Store. AT&T customers are no longer able to buy the phone on a two year contract through the Apple Store.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love the iPhone 5siOS 9 & Longevity1 / 10

The iPhone 5s is closing in on its second birthday and from the look of things, it's going to be celebrating at least a few more. 

At WWDC in June, Apple confirmed plans to release an iOS 9 update for the iPhone 5s in the fall. It also confirmed an iOS 9 update for the aging iPhone 4s. The iOS 9 update will be the iPhone 4s' fourth major update. 

That's big news for current iPhone 5s users and those who are thinking about picking it up because it means that the iPhone 5s could get two more years of software updates. Apple usually offers three but we've seen it shift to a four year for both iPhone and iPad. Android phones simply can't match this kind of support. 

What's more is that the iPhone 5s' next update could be a big one. iOS 9 is focused on delivering improved performance for older devices and the iPhone 5s, like Apple's other older iOS devices, stands to benefit from it. 

The iPhone 5s still has a lot of life left in it and that makes it an investment worth considering now and in the weeks and months down the road. 

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iPhone 5s: 5 Things You Need to Know This Month is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


How to Customize the MacBook Trackpad

Sat, 08/01/2015 - 16:15

How to Customize the MacBook Trackpad is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

The MacBook trackpad is one of the best on the market, but here’s how to make it better.

Laptop trackpads have always been somewhat lacking, but when it comes to the MacBook’s trackpad, it’s one of the best around. The glass surface makes it easy to swipe your fingers around, and the large surface area it takes up gives users plenty of room to navigate.

Furthermore, Apple improved the trackpad even more with the release of the 2015 MacBooks, which now come with Force Touch, which is similar to the display technology in the Apple Watch.

Essentially it’s pressure sensitive, so you can tap down on the trackpad to complete an action and then press down harder to complete a different action. For example, you can press down hard on an address in the Mail app to get a location, or use it in Finder to see a preview of whatever is inside a folder.

That’s cool and all, but you can actually make the trackpad even better by customizing what different taps and clicks do. Apple doesn’t allow you to do this right out of the box, but with some third-party software, you’ll be on your way.

Here’s how to customize the MacBook trackpad and optimize it for your own needs and uses.

The Mac app that we’ll be using to customize the MacBook trackpad is called BetterTouchTool. We’ve discussed this piece of software before, but it essentially lets you set up different macros of sorts. So, for example, you can set up a three-finger tap to act as the middle click on a mouse to open up a new tab, which is my personal favorite customization.

But first, we need to download BetterTouchTool and set it up so that you can get started on customizing your MacBook’s trackpad. Simply to the BetterTouchTool website and download the app by scrolling down a bit and clicking on the blue button that says Download BetterTouchTool.

After you install the tool and open it up, you’ll be asked if you want to enable window snapping, which allows you to quickly snap windows to full screen by dragging the window to the top of the screen. You can read our guide about this to learn more.

Next, you’ll need to give BetterTouchTool access to OS X’s accessibility features by going into System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > Accessibility and placing a checkmark next to BetterTouchTool. After that, you’ll be good to go and can begin to configure BetterTouchTool.

When you fire up the tool, you’ll see a left-hand sidebar where you can add specific apps for trackpad gestures to work in, and to add a new gesture, simply click Add New Gesture off to the lower-right. If you want the gesture to work everywhere, just make sure you have Global selected in the left-hand sidebar.

When you click Add New Gesture, right below that you’ll have options to set up the gesture. Under Touchpad Gesture, you can select the type of gesture you want, such as a three-finger tap or even a four-finger tap, but there are a ton of other options to choose from.

To the right of that, you can either enter a keyboard shortcut that you want executed when you perform the touchpad gesture, or select a predefined action. After that, the gesture will be ready to go and automatically saved.

There are a ton of possibilities when it comes to BetterTouchTool, and this Reddit thread includes a handful of ways that other users are taking advantage of the software.

BetterTouchTool also works with a Magic Mouse, an Apple Remote, and even your keyboard so that you can set up custom keyboard shortcuts.

How to Customize the MacBook Trackpad is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


The Galaxy Note 5 Specs: Everything We Know Right Now

Sat, 08/01/2015 - 15:53

The Galaxy Note 5 Specs: Everything We Know Right Now is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 isn’t official but it’s all but confirmed thanks to a mountain of credible leaks. With a release date getting closer we want to take a look at everything prospective buyers need to know about the Galaxy Note 5 specs.

As we push deeper into the year, we’re starting to hear about the devices coming ahead of the holidays. One of those devices is expected to be a successor for the Galaxy Note 4, a device that is currently known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy Note 5 rumors have been emerging for several months now though they’ve only recently started to firm up. Samsung hasn’t announced any Galaxy Note 5 features or release date details but reports have done all the talking we need.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch date is all but confirmed for August 13th in New York City. There, the company is expected to debut a Galaxy Note 5, a Galaxy S6 Edge+ and a Gear A smartwatch. Samsung typically announces its Galaxy Note in late August or early September so this is a bit of a change.

The Galaxy Note 5 release date is rumored for August 21st. It’s not clear if U.S. carriers will be a part of the initial release but that doesn’t matter. Now is the time for U.S. consumers to start paying attention to Samsung and its next flagship.

We recently took a deep dive into the device’s release date and today we want to take a look at the all-important Galaxy Note 5 specs. If you haven’t been following along, this will catch you up as we provide the basics. Here’s what you need to know about the Galaxy Note 5 specs right now.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Storage1 / 10

Thus far, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors have failed to establish the exact amount of internal storage space on board the new flagship. They have, however, pointed to a potential limitation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5's design.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge feature premium designs but those designs came at the cost of a removable battery and microSD card slot. The Galaxy Note 5 will reportedly come with a Galaxy S6-like design and that spells doom for expandable storage.

The device will reportedly shun a microSD card slot for the first time in its history. If this sticks, it means that we'll probably see Samsung release multiple storage sizes at different price points, similar to what it did with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.  

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge both feature 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options. 

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The Galaxy Note 5 Specs: Everything We Know Right Now is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


5 Xbox One Things We Hope to See at GamesCom 2015

Sat, 08/01/2015 - 13:00

5 Xbox One Things We Hope to See at GamesCom 2015 is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

For hardcore Microsoft fans, Gamescom 2015 is the last major event of the year. The last few months were stuffed with Xbox-related news from the company. This week Windows 10 officially arrived for all, bringing with it a dedicated Xbox One app and Xbox Live experience free of charge to PC gamers. In June Microsoft showed off new games like Gears of War 4 and new-comer ReCore. What secrets Microsoft’s Gamescom 2015 press conference will reveal is a hot topic of discussion. It’s the last major event in western gaming before the busy holiday season.

Despite showing a lot this year, there remains tons of untapped potential for Microsoft’s August 4th media briefing at the show. At E3 Microsoft showed off its exclusives for this year, mainly Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Forza 6, Fable Legends and Gigantic. For Gamescom 2015, the focus is on the next wave of must-have Xbox One games coming in 2016. Some even think that Microsoft will share more information about its looming Windows 10 on Xbox One update.


Revealed back in 2014, Crackdown is one of the Xbox One’s hotly anticipated games. Unlike the majority of games for the Xbox One, Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about fighting Sony’s PS4 for users with this game. It’s one of the company’s exclusive franchises, developed and maintained inside the company just for Xbox One users.

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What the company will show at Gamescom 2015 related to Crackdown is unclear, but there are some conclusions based on a single trailer we’ve already seen. In that first Crackdown trailer we saw a team of agents coordinate explosions and crashes to take down an enemies’ hangout, hinting at a robust co-op experience. We also saw a building practically crumble before our eyes after being hit with a tanker, hinting at maps were destroying Pacific City’s buildings is just as important as taking down opponents.

More Windows Exclusives

Microsoft is on something of a tear rebuilding its Xbox Live infrastructure and services for a new generation of PC gamers. The general idea seems to be that Microsoft can improve its operating system’s fortunes if it improves on the things people use it for. This includes PC gaming.

We already know that Fable Legends, Gigantic and Gears of War Ultimate Edition are coming for PCs running Windows 10. Microsoft could have more Windows 10 games to reveal at Gamescom 2015 or even a better breakdown of when we’ll see each of these games arrive. Currently, Microsoft has revealed the PC release date for any of these games.


If it wasn’t coming from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games, it’s unclear how excited anyone would be about Scalebound. That’s in no way a diss of the title or the studio. We just don’t know what the game actually is or what genre it fits into. Microsoft has confirmed that Scalebound will be one of the Xbox One games it shows off at Gamescom 2015.

Quantum Break

Earlier this year Quantum Break became one of the first games in Microsoft’s Xbox One line-up to get a delay. To be clear, we’re not talking about a delay of a week or two either. Originally, Quantum Break was set for a fall 2015 release alongside Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza 6 and Halo 5: Guardians.

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Produced by Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break is a science-fiction, genre bending adventure. Thanks to experiments in a large northeastern town, players have the ability to manipulate time in Quantum Break as a combat mechanic. Remedy has promised a detailed, high-production episodic show spliced into Quantum Break too.

Microsoft now says that it’ll release Quantum Break sometime early next year. This game is already confirmed for Gamescom 2015 too.

Windows 10 on Xbox One

Finally, there’s the new Xbox experience built on the Windows 10 operating system. At E3 2015 Microsoft finally revealed that it was planning a significant overhaul of the Xbox One’s software to make everything more intuitive and fluid. We haven’t seen or heard much about the upgrade since, even though Microsoft says it plans to release the update sometime in 2015.

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At the very least Microsoft has to show us more of the Xbox One running Windows 10. The company has yet to detail how apps downloaded from the Windows Store will work on the console. We haven’t seen if any of the console’s entertainment features have gotten upgrades either.

Microsoft’s GamesCom 2015 Media Briefing Starts at 10AM Eastern Standard Time on August 4th. Both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will have livestreams available for users who want to watch the festivities for themselves. Microsoft will also host daily, 60-minute long briefings on each days news during the event.

5 Xbox One Things We Hope to See at GamesCom 2015 is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.


5 Things You’ll Hate About the iPhone 5

Fri, 07/31/2015 - 20:30

5 Things You’ll Hate About the iPhone 5 is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

Apple no longer sells the iPhone 5 but thanks to numerous retailers and resellers, the iPhone 5 is still an option for those looking to buy an iPhone on a budget. Those who are thinking about buying the iPhone 5 will want to keep these frustrating things in mind before buying it.

In the fall of 2012, Apple took the stage and announced a brand new iPhone called iPhone 5. The device was the first iPhone to feature LTE data speeds, the first iPhone to feature a 4-inch Retina display, and the first to offer the Lightning dock standard. The iPhone 5 also arrived with a redesign and numerous other bells and whistles.

We, like many others, bought the iPhone 5 when it first came out. Back then, it was one of the best phones on the market. That’s no longer the case.

In the years since its release we’ve seen Apple release the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. The company is also expected to debut two new iPhones in September dubbed iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. We recommend most of those over the iPhone 5 (the exception being the iPhone 5c).

We’ve been using the iPhone 5, extensively we might add, for close to three years now. It’s holding up pretty well for a three year old phone but there are some things that have started to bother us as it gets older. And it’s these things that we want to warn you about.

After three years with the iPhone 5, here are a few things that we’ll think you’ll hate about it.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } No Touch ID1 / 5

One of the big changes that came with the iPhone 5s was the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that's embedded inside the home button. If you've never used Touch ID on an iPhone then you don't know how useful, and convenient it is. 

With Touch ID, all you have to do is push your finger down on the home button and you're in. It eliminates the need for a passcode or a swipe to access the home screen. Think about how many times you access your home screen on a daily basis and you'll understand why this feature is so important. 

You can probably see where we're going with this. The iPhone 5's home button doesn't have a fingerprint sensor. You're stuck with Apple's primative ways of opening up the phone. Now that we've used Touch ID for a few years, it's a feature that we simply can't live without. Once you try it, you'll probably be in the same boat.

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5 Things You’ll Hate About the iPhone 5 is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


OnePlus 2 Release: What You Need to Know

Fri, 07/31/2015 - 19:55

OnePlus 2 Release: What You Need to Know is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

Earlier this week the relatively new smartphone manufacturer OnePlus launched its second smartphone, the OnePlus 2, and it appears ready to take on the best of the Android competition. The phone looks promising and already has over 1 million buyers who’ve signed up for an invite to purchase it one release day. With the release near, here’s everything buyers need to know.

The company isn’t a household name but they hope to be after the release of this new phone. Aiming to offer most of the same specs and features of high-end devices like the Galaxy S6, yet for nearly half the cost. The 5.5-inch OnePlus 2 will retail for just $329.

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After tons of rumors, small leaks, and teasers by OnePlus themselves, the OnePlus 2 was revealed on July 27th. The smartphone brings top-tier specs and some fancy customization and unique textures on the back, along with much more all for a low price. Today they confirmed some impressive pre-order numbers, and hopefully they’ll have enough inventory to fill buyers needs.

This year the OnePlus 2 has a beautiful 5.5-inch 1080p HD screen, tons of customizable replacement backs to change the look and feel, a 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and laser auto-focus like the G4, a fingerprint scanner similar to the Galaxy S6, a big battery for more than all-day battery life, and more that we’ll get into below.

Using an invite system similar to what the company did last year, buyers will be able to start buying the phone in less than two weeks. However, last year there wasn’t nearly enough stock to go around, and they were out of inventory for months at a time. This year they promised a new and improved invite system, and here’s all the OnePlus 2 details for potential buyers.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } OnePlus 2 Release Date1 / 5

As we mentioned above the original OnePlus One struggled when it came to a release date, but that won't be the case this year. This new OnePlus 2 will be released on August 11th, along with a much improved invite system, which can be found at the site. Then buyers can give invites to friends to buy as well. 

The company promises a very smooth release date, rather than a 4-5 month wait like last year. It remains to be seen how well the company will handle the release, but they're promising a lot and hopefully can deliver.

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OnePlus 2 Release: What You Need to Know is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.


Amazing Star Wars Battlefront Mode Revealed

Fri, 07/31/2015 - 19:50

Amazing Star Wars Battlefront Mode Revealed is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Ahead of the Star Wars Battlefront release date on November 17th, video game developer Dice and video game publisher Electronic Arts have a surprise new mode to show off. Called Blast, the newly revealed experience for Star Wars Battlefront will act as another amazing reason for gamers to pick up the title when it arrives on store shelves.

Electronic Arts revealed Blast for Star Wars Battlefront this week in a post on the game’s dedicated news blog. As described in that blog post, Blast is the game’s dedicated “Team Deathmatch mode.”

In total, Blast for Star Wars Battlefront breaks twenty players into teams of 10. Each of the two teams takes on the role of either the Rebel Alliance or the Imperial Army. For ten minutes users get to blast each other to death. At the end of that ten minutes the game ends and whichever team has the most kills wins. Blast matches can last less than ten minutes if a single team hits 100 kills before the time expires.

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Announced shortly before the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, Star Wars Battlefront acts as the ultimate shooter sandbox. Players use the Star Wars franchise’s iconic weapons, gear and vehicles to battle each other for supremacy. Users don’t get to do battle in outer space, but dozens of maps from the movie series are included. For example, Hoth and Endor are playable areas in the game.

To be good at Blast players will need to load their character up with the right gear for the particular battle they’re going to face. There seems to be a need to balance some hardcore strategy with all-inclusive good fun. Getting that balance right is very important. Plenty of PS4 and Xbox One owners are going to rush out and pick up Star Wars Battlefront because of its subject. To keep users interested there need to be some more nuanced, detailed oriented mechanics so there’s a reason to come back long after the awe of playing in the Star Wars universe has worn off.

Blast won’t feature any of the series’ recognizable heroes or villains. It also won’t include playable vehicles of any kind.

To keep things interesting, Blast will take players to different locations they may not have had access to in other games. Some Blast battles will take place inside bases others will drop both teams in iconic locations like Tatooine. Star Wars Battlefront attracted a lot of attention for its huge maps. Using the power of current-generation consoles, Dice was able to build huge landscapes that feel ripped right out of the movies and television shows. For large battles these maps do great, but for Blast the video game developer decided it’d be a better idea to keep battles to more confined spaces. “To keep the action dense in this close-quarters mode, the Blast maps are not as vast as in other game modes,” Dice’s Dennis Brannball says.” When the same maps are used, there are lighting differences.

Star Wars Battlefront is expected to be one of this year’s must-have video games, and unfortunately users will need a next-generation console or a robust computer to play it on. Windows PC users will be able to play the game through EA’s own Origin video game service. Star Wars Battlefront is coming to the Xbox One and PS4 too. Its just Xbox 360 and PS3 users getting left out of the festivities.

Star Wars Battlefront is available for pre-order from GameStop now for $60. As a bonus Electronic Arts is gifting those that pre-order early access to its Battle of Jakku downloadable content. A $69.99 version of the game includes other extras.

Amazing Star Wars Battlefront Mode Revealed is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.


iPhone 6 Plus Price Cuts Start Early

Fri, 07/31/2015 - 13:28

iPhone 6 Plus Price Cuts Start Early is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

There is no need to wait for the new iPhone 6s Plus to save $100 on the iPhone 6 Plus. This week a major retails slashed the price of the iPhone 6 Plus $100 on contract for two major U.S. carriers and another big player delivers an upgrade offer that lets you buy the iPhone 6 Plus now and then trade up to the iPhone 6s Plus without changing your payments later this year.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is almost a year old, which means it is time for a $100 price drop and time for a new model. Normally this turns late July and August into a waiting game, where shoppers simply look forward to buying a new iPhone in six to eight weeks.

The iPhone 6 Plus price cuts start well ahead of the iPhone 6s Plus release.

That’s not the case this year if you want to buy the current iPhone 6 Plus without paying more than you should.

Best Buy chops the price of the iPhone 6 Plus to a $199 starting price on Sprint and on Verizon Wireless. This is the same price we expect all carriers to offer when the iPhone 6s Plus release date arrives later this fall.

To get this deal you need to be eligible for an upgrade and you need to sign a two-year contract with the carrier. You must go to Best Buy for this deal, as it is not offered in Verizon and AT&T stores.

T-Mobile also delivers a tempting option for users who are torn between waiting for the iPhone 6s Plus release date and buying an iPhone 6 Plus today.

As part of a new promotion if you buy an iPhone 6 Plus for $0 down and $19 a month before Labor Day, you can then trade that iPhone in and get the new iPhone 6s Plus and keep the same payment plan in place. You just need to upgrade by the end of the year.

You need to trade in your old phone to get on to the JUMP on Demand plan at a T-Mobile store to use this deal.

Apple already announced the iOS 9 update for the current iPhone 6 Plus with a lot of new iOS 9 iPhone features. This update is what will ship on the new iPhones this fall that will likely be the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

With an “s” release rumors hint at a similar design to the iPhone 6 Plus, but with a new Force Touch screen that can tell how hard you touch the display.

Read this summary to learn how the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus compare based on the latest rumors and leaks.

The slides below walk through 7 exciting iOS 9 features coming to the iPhone 6 Plus this fall. The iOS 9 release date is not confirmed, but late September is likely.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 7 Exciting iPhone 6 iOS 9 FeaturesBetter iPhone 6 Battery Life1 / 7

Apple will deliver two major improvements to the iPhone 6 battery life this fall that will add up to an hour of normal use to your iPhone 6 every day and a special mode that can add another three hours of use with a special low power option.

Instead of flipping options on and off so that you can get your iPhone 6 through the day, you only need to toggle the new iOS 9 Low Power Mode to on and the iPhone 6 will turn off battery sucking options to last another three hours without significantly changing how you use the iPhone.

In day-to-day use iOS 9 is more efficient, which means the iPhone 6 will last at least one more hour of regular use for most owners. Think about where your iPhone 6 battery dies now and then add an hour. For many of us, one more hour is all we need on an average day and three hours will get us through the longer and busier days.

1 / 7

iPhone 6 Plus Price Cuts Start Early is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


Trailer Reveals Pro-Am Ahead of NBA 2K16 Release Date

Fri, 07/31/2015 - 13:26

Trailer Reveals Pro-Am Ahead of NBA 2K16 Release Date is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

We still don’t have an official list of all that features we can expect in time for the NBA 2K16 release on September 29th. That being said, it appears video game publisher 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts are going to slowly reveal each feature ahead of launch. This week the two confirmed that the Pro-Am Mode revealed in leaks last week is indeed part of this years sequel in the best-selling sports game franchise.

The new NBA 2K16 release trailer reveals everything users need to know about 2K Pro-AM mode. Last week’s leaks about the game indicated that Pro-Am would build off the MyPlayers feature and let users play for leaderboard dominance. It also revealed that Pro-Am for NBA 2K16 is set within a huge stadium where you can see others playing. All of this turns out to be true.

As the trailer begins we see an on-high view of the Pro-Am locker room from NBA 2K16. A few seconds later, ballplayers show up in the locker room all dressed in different attire. That’s where the MyPlayers integration comes in. These aren’t randomly generated team members, but custom creations from NBA 2K16 players. A caption at the bottom of the screen reveals that there’s “No waiting” and that games can start immediately in Pro-Am mode. No waiting times are huge as most games require users to sit contently for at least a few minutes while servers find more players.

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The Pro-Am takes place in a giant indoor arena where you can see multiple teams playing at the same time. Though impressive, pick-up games in NBA 2K16 online multiplayer have the same wide open space with and easy spectating. Up to 40 players can be in one instance of Pro-Am Mode at a time. A huge screen on the left side of the stadium breaks down standings and how well teams of MyPlayers are performing in Pro-Am mode. Visual Concepts says that the rankings on these boards will update on a daily and monthly basis.

Smartly, 2K Pro-Am includes features that are sorely missed in NBA 2K15. In last year’s game you can create a custom player in MyPlayers, but there is no way to create a custom team. All of that changes with NBA 2K16. Players can customize their own venue complete with new logos and team names. There appears to be hundreds of options, right down to customizing the color of specific lines on the court itself. Even the scoreboard is customizable.

Besides adding text to courts, users can upload custom logos to use on their courts. There’s a designer for all sorts of other team-related stuff too. For example, one of the most important identifiers of a team is their jersey. Users can create their own jerseys on NBA 2K16 release day. When going head to head with teams players can use their custom arena.

In the last few years Visual Concepts and 2K Games have taken a bit of criticism for not allow users to create their own custom teams in NBA 2K15. The video game developer and publisher seemed content to keep user’s creativity concentrated in MyPlayer instead of letting them create a team that wasn’t officially part of the NBA. It was a shame as custom teams was a feature in earlier games. Pro-Am for NBA 2K16 feels like a perfect compromise. No, users can’t take their team to an arena and play against their favorite stars, but they can create their own squad and play against each other. What’s more, they can create a team of their friends, not recreations of players.

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NBA 2K16 arrives on store shelves officially September 29th, but anyone who pre-orders the $60 game can get in before that. 2K Games is calling this Early Tip-Off Weekend and it starts on September 25th

Trailer Reveals Pro-Am Ahead of NBA 2K16 Release Date is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.


Moto X 2015 vs LG G4: 5 Key Differences

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 22:59

Moto X 2015 vs LG G4: 5 Key Differences is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

As we push deeper into 2015 more and more smartphones continue to be announced for potential buyers to choose from, and that includes the newly revealed Moto X for 2015. Now that buyers have multiple options, here’s how the new Moto X Pure Edition “Style” compares to the popular LG G4 for those weighing all their options.

On July 28th after months of rumors Motorola took the stage and unveiled three brand new devices. An upgraded Moto G for 2015, and two variants of the Moto X which are called the Moto X Style and the Moto X Play. In the US the Moto X Style will be sold as the Moto X Pure Edition, and the Play won’t be released stateside.

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Weird naming and confusion aside Motorola has an excellent new flagship smartphone in the 2015 Moto X, and its big 5.7-inch display and premium yet customizable design has enough to compete with the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6s, and of course the LG G4. Below is a comparison and highlights of a few key differences for those considering one of these two smartphones.

At the end of April after months of rumors and speculation the new LG G4 was announced, and it hit all major carriers during the first week of July. LG’s latest phone has tons to offer with a big and bright 5.5-inch Quad-HD display, and customizable genuine leather backs of its own to take on Motorola. Is it enough?

The new LG G4 has a premium design but is still made of all plastic, aside from the new leather options on back, it has arguably one of the best cameras on any smartphone, and unique buttons on the back. Each phone has pros and cons, and both are pretty great. Read on for a little more about the G4 and Moto X Pure Edition.

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These two smartphones have a few similarities, yet some important differences, and a lot of the choice will come down to user preference, screen size, and of course the price and software on board. That’s because the Moto X has stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with a few additions, and the LG G4 has LG’s own UI that covers and changes the entire Android experience.

That all said, here are five key differences between the 2015 Moto X Pure Edition (Style) and the LG G4, for those considering one of these as their next smartphone.

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The new Moto X and LG G4 are somewhat similar in terms of design, if you get the leather variant. That aside, they're pretty different devices. That said, even though the Moto X has a bigger 5.7-inch screen the bezels are so small it'll likely be about the same size as the LG G4.

LG's smartphone is all plastic and glass, with some leather options. You'll have those unique but convenient buttons on the back, and decently sized device. However, the corners can be a bit squared and uncomfortable. The back is removable so users can add a micro-SD card or replace the battery, swap out backs for different colors or even leather backs.

The 2015 Moto X though, is a completely different approach. The back can't be removed but it can be completely customized with over 100 different combinations to look how you'd like, it has a bigger display, and the stereo speakers are front facing, for improved sound.

We can't give one a nod vs the other as I've yet to try the new Moto X, but the LG G4 was impressive enough for an Editors' Choice award, and has an amazing camera.  It will be hard for Motorola to match it, but they claim they can.

Motorola's back is curved to be more comfortable and easy to hold, while the G4 is squared and uncomfortable. You'll want to try both in a store to decide which is right for you. A big factor though, is the size, which brings us to our next slide and topic.

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iOS 8.4.1 Release Date Inches Closer

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 22:06

iOS 8.4.1 Release Date Inches Closer is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iOS 8.4.1 release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is still shrouded in mystery but thanks to a new beta release, we know that the public iOS 8.4.1 release is inching closer for iOS 8 users.

In late June, Apple released its iOS 8.4 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update delivered the company’s Music platform on top of improvements to iBooks and bug fixes for lingering iOS 8 problems. iOS 8.4 will likely be Apple’s last big iOS 8 update but it won’t be the company’s latest iOS 8 update.

That honor will belong to the iOS 8.4.1 update, a release that Apple confirmed earlier this month for iOS 8 users and an update that currently sits in Apple’s beta program for developers.

Apple’s iOS 8.4.1 is currently without an official release date or release time and Apple’s not expected to announce either one before the software’s release. That said, we know that the iOS 8.4.1 release date is inching closer thanks to the release of a new iOS 8.4.1 beta.

Earlier today, Apple released an iOS 8.4.1 beta 2 for those in the paid developer program. Today’s iOS 8.4.1 beta is not available for those in the Beta Software Program, Apple’s free beta platform that’s open to anyone with an Apple ID.

The release of Apple’s iOS 8.4.1 beta means that the update is making progress towards a public release and it also confirms the fact that iOS 8.4.1 won’t be anywhere near as large as Apple’s previous two iOS 8 updates, iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4.

Developers testing the iOS 8.4.1 beta are struggling to find changes in today’s beta 2 release, a sign that the update will likely be a small bug fixer and or a jailbreak buster.

While nothing is confirmed, some jailbreak users believe that iOS 8.4.1 will be aimed at squashing the untethered iOS 8.4 jailbreak that’s available to all iOS 8 users right now. Apple engineers are engaged in a constant game of cat and mouse with jailbreak developers and the company often credits hackers with helping plug up iOS exploits.

iOS 8.4.1 is likely going be the last iOS 8 update Apple delivers before it shifts its mobile products to the brand new operating system that it announced on stage during WWDC 2015 in June.

The iOS 9 release date is confirmed for the fall though like iOS 8.4.1, it’s currently without a release date. iOS 9 release date rumors have pegged its arrival for September and iPhone 6s release date details have backed those rumors up this week.

Earlier this week, T-Mobile announced plans to allow customers to buy a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus now and then switch to an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus by the end of the year. The deal runs until September 8th which means that the iPhone 6s release date probably won’t come before that date.

Apple is, however, expected to get the phone out before the end of its fiscal year. The company’s fiscal year ends on September 28th.

iOS 9, like iOS 8.4.1, will be coming to all devices capable of running iOS 8. That means the iPhone 6, the iPhone 4s, and even the iPad 2. iOS 9 will be the iPhone 4s’ fourth major iOS update and it will represent the iPad 2’s fifth major iOS release.

The new operating system will be bringing some huge changes along with it. They include Apple’s new News application, battery life improvements, new folders for Selfies and Screenshots, a new 4×4 app arrangement on the iPad, improvements to search, new Siri features, and a whole lot more.

Unlike iOS 8.4.1, the iOS 9 update is rumored to be launching alongside two new iPhones including an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 6s Plus. Both phone are rumored to be in production ahead of a release later this year.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 10 Exciting iOS 9 Features You Haven’t Heard AboutQuickly Go Back to Your App1 / 10

When you follow a link out of an app to another app or web browser on iOS 8 you have to double tap the home button and choose the app to go back, which is a pain when you need to look at a document or a webpage and reply to someone.

With iOS 9 there is a new option at the top of the screen that says Back to App Name. Tap on this to quickly go back to the app you were in. You don't need to turn this on to use it, just look in the upper corner to go back. Google apps offer a similar feature already, but this is built-in to iOS 9 for all apps to take advantage of.

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iOS 8.4.1 Release Date Inches Closer is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


Moto G 2015 vs Moto G 2014: What’s New

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 19:00

Moto G 2015 vs Moto G 2014: What’s New is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

Motorola has made its new Moto G for 2015 better, faster, and more powerful all for the same wallet-friendly $179 price point. There’s also another model for a few more dollars that offers even better performance and double the storage and RAM all for just $219. Read on to see what’s new, and if the new Moto G and its higher price is worth it.

The 3rd Gen Moto G for 2015 has big shoes to fill, but so far with our limited hands-on time with it, the phone is doing an excellent job. It’s hard to improve a budget device that many would consider the best phone for under $200, but this year Motorola did exactly that, and here’s what you need to know.

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On July 28th the new Moto G was announced along with this years new Moto X Pure Edition, also known as the Moto X Style, and a new Moto X Play for regions outside of the United States. Trying to improve the most popular smartphone in the history of Motorola is hard to do and below we’ll explain what’s new and why the new Moto G lives up to the hype.

At first glance the new Moto G looks almost exactly the same as the model last year, but there are actually a lot of changes. Everything from the metal design on back, build materials, water-resistant features, a new 13 megapixel camera, to specs under the hood. This is an all-new phone, one that’s certainly worth the $179 asking price.

Aside from the looks Motorola also delivered a few huge additions while keeping the price the same that should have many potential buyers interested. The Moto G 2015 is IPx7 certified water-resistant. While they don’t recommend submerging it under water, it can be put under water for roughly 30 minutes and come working just fine.

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Along with water-resistant features is customization through Moto Maker. Buyers can choose the storage amount, RAM, color on the front, choose from 10 colors on back and even 10 accent colors for the aluminum bar on back and Moto logo. Then of course the battery is much larger, promising all-day battery life.

For an idea of what to expect from the new Moto G, and to see a quick comparison of it next to last years model, check out our hands-on video above. Then continue reading our slideshow below that goes over a few additional details, and breaks down what’s new for potential buyers. The new Moto G 2015 is on the left.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } Display & Design1 / 5

The new Moto G 2015 vs last years Moto G are extremely similar in a lot of ways, but vastly different. They look similar, but the new model has a premium finish and design, vs the cheap plastic model released in 2014.

Both of these phones have a rather impressive 5-inch 720p HD display, which isn't the best, but considering the price it has a great screen that's bright and clear. I don't notice much difference between the two, but the new 2015 Moto G appears to get a little brighter, and have more accurate colors.

As far as design, the new Moto G is leaps and bounds better. They've added metal accents to the back, as shown in some of our other photos, and an aluminum ring for durability and a premium look and feel around the device. In the hand they have the same comfortable curves, but the new Moto G feels better. It doesn't look, feel, or perform like a cheap phone. For $179, it's much better than last years model.

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Moto G 2015 vs Moto G 2014: What’s New is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.


Fallout 4 Release: 7 Things We Learned in July

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 18:59

Fallout 4 Release: 7 Things We Learned in July is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

July was a busy month for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 release for PS4, Xbox One and PC. With the month wrapping up, we want to take a look at the details you should know if you’ve already ordered the game or if you’re planning to put in a pre-order ahead of the Fallout 4 release date in November.

Last month, Bethesda hosted an E3 showcase that served as the launch pad for several new titles including Doom and Dishonored 2. The star of the show though was undoubtedly Fallout 4 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is a follow-up to Fallout 3 and it’s a game that fans of the Fallout series have been wanting for several years now.

June was the source of many important Fallout 4 release details. The company confirmed the release date for November 10th, it confirmed numerous gameplay details including crafting and customization, and it outlined its coveted Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition. Bethesda and Fallout 4 didn’t slow down in July.

This month, we’ve seen tons of new and exciting Fallout 4 release details emerge for Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows. Some of these details built on things that we already knew while others were completely new. All of them are important.

This week alone has produced a ton of brand new information and today we want to take a look at those and we want to recap some of the key things we learned about the Fallout 4 release in July. Here’s what you should take with you as we enter the month of August.

Expect More Fallout 4 Deals

The Fallout 4 release date won’t land for several months but we continue to see new Fallout 4 deals emerge for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Best Buy is home to two of the more intriguing Fallout 4 deals for PS4, Xbox One and PC though there are plenty more where those came from.

Amazon is knocking $7 off Fallout 4 for Amazon Prime members and it has also discounted the price of some Fallout 4 accessories.

We saw one killer PS4 Fallout 4 deal emerge in July and it’s a sign that we could see retailers continue to try and one up each other as we push deeper into the year, closer to the game’s release.

Some deals like Best Buy’s will be static. Others will likely pop up at random in the future. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks, you’ll want to keep an eye out in the month of August. We’re bound to see more Fallout 4 deals emerge for all three platforms.

Don’t Expect Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition to Return

In July, we saw a number of new and important Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition release details emerge. Some good, some bad. We’ll start with the bad news.

The bad news is that Bethesda recently reconfirmed that it will not be making any more Fallout 4 Pip Boy Editions ahead of the game’s November 10 release. The company’s manufacturing partners are at capacity and they won’t make any more. Not now, not after the release, not ever.

What this means is that if you didn’t get your hands on a pre-order, you have three options as we move into August. One, you can keep an eye out for more stock. Two, you can pay for one on eBay or Craigslist. They are going for $300 a pop which is more than double the game’s official price tag. Or three, you can buy a Pip Boy alternative.

We have seen Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition stock emerge for foreign retailers though we did see one lone Pip Boy Edition go on sale at Walmart on July 9th. This probably won’t happen very often between now and November 10th.

Exciting Fallout 4 Bundles

July saw the release of several Fallout 4 bundles and a PC exclusive bundle for those interested in catching up with the Fallout series.

Bethesda will be releasing a Fallout Anthology for PC on September 29th. This bundle comes with a unique mini nuke case and every Fallout game not called Fallout 4. The case will, however, come with a space to store a copy of Fallout 4.

Bethesda hasn’t announced any Fallout 4 bundles of its own but we’ve seen retailers take the initiative. There are currently two exclusive Fallout 4 bundles out there, each with their own set of perks.

There is the Fallout 4 Mighty Bundle which comes with a figurine and coffee table book and there’s the Fallout 4 Nuke Pack. The Nuke Pack’s highlight is a lunch box. Both of these are limited to retailers in specific parts of the world.

Fallout 4 Loot Crate

There is another interesting Fallout 4 “bundle” that emerged earlier this week.

Lootcrate and Bethesda have teamed up to offer a unique and limited edition Fallout 4 Loot Crate that will come with a ton of special items of interest for fans of the series.

Crack open a Nuka Cola and start saving your bottle caps because Loot Crate and Bethesda are teaming up to bring you an EPIC Fallout 4 Limited Edition Crate, packed with rare and EXCLUSIVE gear and collectibles from your favorite post-nuclear video game franchise! The launch of this new, specialty crate will coincide with the release of Fallout 4! Supplies are limited, so add your email address to the vault and we’ll alert you when it’s time to order.

Details are scarce at the moment but it looks like it will be released on November 10th and that it will go on sale ahead of that day. Those who are interested will want to head to Lootcrate’s website and put in a working email address.

This doesn’t guarantee a pre-order but it does mean that Lootcrate will tell you when pre-orders will be available. No word on the cost of the crate

Fallout 4 Mods & Their Release Date

In June, Bethesda confirmed that Fallout 4 would support mods from the Fallout community. Furthermore, the company said that these PC mods would become available to owners of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. This was, and is, a huge development for console owners.

While we’ve seen Fallout 4 mods emerge ahead of the game’s release date, it’s clear that the platform is still very much a work in progress.

At E3, Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed that Fallout 4 mods would come via a Fallout 4 Creation Kit that will be released for the PC next year. The company did not say exactly when, only that it would come to PC in early 2016.

Howard also confirmed that Xbox One would get mod support before the PlayStation 4. And now we know that mod support for consoles could come much later than support for PC.

According to a Bethesda executive, Fallout 4’s mod tools don’t even exist yet. The company is reportedly focused on finishing the game before it starts working on the mods.

The idea is that [the tools] will work on all platforms, but the truth is the system doesn’t exist. It’s still being built and worked on and it’s going to take awhile. It’s going to take clearly into next year because we can’t even start it…

If you’re not at all familiar with Fallout mods or how they might work with Fallout 4, take   look at this piece from Kotaku which runs down many of the important details.

Fallout 4 Guide Books

The Fallout 4 release is obviously much bigger than the game itself. And throughout the month of July, we’ve seen a number of new Fallout 4 accessories and collectibles emerge that should be of interest to average gamers and Fallout enthusiasts alike.

AmazonGameSpot and Best Buy are all selling two versions of Prima Games’ official Fallout 4 Guide Book. One of them is a collectors edition that will apparently have a limited print run. The $40 collectors edition comes with a long list of features including:

  • Premium Hardcover book—a must have for any Fallout 4 fan!
  • Includes exclusive bonuses only found in the Collector’s Edition.
  • This limited edition guide will only be printed once, when it is sold out they will be gone forever!
  • This staggeringly complete guide is stuffed with all the information you’ll need to survive and thrive inFallout 4.
  • Your ultimate Wasteland companion: walkthroughs and detailed maps give you all the strategies, locations, items, and loot.
  • Specs and reference data for all the perks, armor, weapons, items, and creatures you’ll encounter.
  • Complete crafting and workshop references detail cthe thousands of items you can collect, upgrade, and build.
  • Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide—Unlock the enhanced eGuide for access to updated content, all optimized for a second-screen experience.

Bethesda is also selling Fallout 4 related merchandise including unique lithographs. Those of you interested in buying more than just the game should keep an eye on Bethesda’s store for more Fallout 4 accessories as we move into August. We’re bound to see more go on sale next month.

Tons of Fallout 4 Gameplay Details

And finally, thanks to Bethesda and the company’s demo at QuakeCon in Texas, we’ve learned a whole lot more about the game itself. These details include:

These new details include:

  • You’ll meet your dog Dogmeat early in the game  and you’ll be able to send him out to find useful loot.
  • You’ll be able to join Preston Garvey’s Commonwealth Minutemen faction. You’ll also meet a character named Piper near Fenway Park.
  • Bethesda says that there are a dozen companions including Piper, Garvey, Dogmeat, and Mr. Handy. You can play without a companion if you want and you can romance them if you choose.
  • There are 75 perks and each perk has a set of five ranks. In other words,
  • Lexington and Quincy are two cities in the game.
  • Fallout 4 features several different play styles including a non-violent play style for those that want the Fallout experience without the gore.
  • Base crafting in Fallout 4 has more customization than Skyrim.
  • Bethesda is done with Fallout 4 and it’s now focused on stamping out bugs and problems.

Those are the most important things we learned in July and we’re expecting to hear a lot more come August.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } PC Fallout 4 Release: 10 Important DetailsPC Fallout 4 Deals1 / 10

The Fallout 4 release for PC is still weeks and weeks away but we're already seeing tempting Fallout 4 deals emerge. The best Fallout 4 deals probably won't arrive until after the Fallout 4 release date but there are a few that're worth looking at right now. 

Best Buy is still offering 20% off the game if you join its Gamers Club Unlocked program. The program isn't for everyone and it does require a membership fee but it might be worth it if you pre-order a ton of games or frequently shop at Best Buy. 

The retailer also has another Fallout 4 deal going on. If you join the My Best Buy program, you will get $10 in rewards just by pre-ordering the game. This is a nice little perk if you do a lot of your shopping at the retailer.

Amazon is offering $7 off Fallout 4 to Amazon Prime members. That drops the price down to $57 including tax. That's not a huge discount but it's one of the only price cuts that we've seen in recent weeks. 

The retailer is also offering some discounts on Fallout 4 accessories. Amazon is offering The Art of Fallout 4 for 13% off its usual price. and it's also featuring price cuts on Prima Games' official Fallout 4 strategy guides including the collectors edition.

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Fallout 4 Release: 7 Things We Learned in July is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.